About us

The Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF) and Serving Ministries is a global aid organization founded by 3x NFL Team Captain and White House Presidential Appointee Jack Brewer. Since 2006, the honorable Mr. Jack Brewer has tirelessly led the operations which is fueled by the driving principle to serve the worlds most vulnerable by “Empowering from Within.” JBF operations include Global Relief Management (JBF Relief), our Florida based Faith & Fatherhood Program (JBF Fatherhood) and our Washington, DC based Research & Advocacy (JBF Advocacy). Our program’s unapologetically follow the clear commandments of Jesus Christ.

To date, JBF has managed the delivery of over $80 million in medical aid, safely delivered millions of pounds of food, supports over 35 orphan care centers, facilitates comprehensive rehabilitation programs to criminal justice impacted families, has helped deliver sports equipment to over one million underserved children and actively operates emergency rescue and relief missions around the world.