The Jack Brewer Foundation believes that the only way to end America’s Fatherhood crisis is movement towards a national revival to bring biblical truth back to the foundation of our nation’s institutions. This includes a comprehensive approach that is led by a culture shift for men to serve the 6 million plus men impacted by the criminal justice system; and mentor America’s 18.5 million fatherless children. It will also require promoting strong families through advocating legislators for policies that empower fathers, families and the fatherless. Our (AHFI) Heroes Initiative combines disciplined faith and character curriculum, dignity enhancement resources and faith driven sports and development programs which have all proven to empower various fatherless populations in America and abroad.

The mission of The Jack Brewer Foundation and our American Heroes Fatherhood Initiative is to provide resources that help turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. Malachi 4:6