Global Relief Management

Our Global Relief Management has delivered life saving resources and aid to families during some of the world’s most devastating acts of God. This includes emergency rescues, evacuations, aid distribution and recovery efforts for thousands of individuals. We build, support and operate schools, churches and orphanages while continuing to distribute hundreds of bibles every year as we stay firm to our commitment in doing our part to spread the gospel to every nation.

The JBF Global Relief Operations focus on providing essential needs to people affected by extreme poverty, war, disease, and natural disaster. This includes emergency medical missions, food & water distribution, search and rescue and secured evacuations.

We support the world’s most vulnerable fatherless, orphans and widows– including criminal justice impacted, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

  • Emergency Medical & Mobile Clinics
  • Air Asset Operations, Ground Transport, Rescue & Secured Evacuations
  • Secured Food & Water Distribution

Partners & Supporting Organizations: United Nations, US State Department, US Coast Guard, US Embassy Haiti, US Embassy Malawi, World Food Programme, Americares, Outreach, Innovative Health International, Mission of Hope, RWJ Barnabas Health, Shadow Warrior Project, Aerial Recovery, Mercury One, TAD Recovery, Hero Rescue, Goya Foods, Feeding South Florida, Farmshare and Taher Foods.

Haiti Mission

Emergency relief has been extended to the people of Haiti!​