The Serving Institute is based in Coral Springs, FL and provides Christian educational and life skills rehabilitation programs that aim to address America’s fatherhood crisis. The Serving Institute offers a series of virtual and on-site programs that help fill critical gaps in public education and spiritual development for the underserved juvenile and adult populations that we serve. As societal norms are rapidly changing, our Institute addresses today’s complex cultural challenges by taking a data driven approach to implementing our rehabilitation programs, while remaining firm to biblical truth.

The Serving Institute partners with key opinion leaders, policy centers, NGO’s, ministries and academic institutions to provide degree and certificate pathways, while also actively publishing articles and white papers that address the root causes and effects of fatherlessness. The Jack Brewer Foundations Serving Institute regularly hosts and sponsors symposiums, round tables and panel discussions that aim to address the cultural morality crisis facing America. Our current rehabilitation programs include our K-12 Online School, Heroes After School On-Site Program and our Heroes 2nd Chance Centers which serve prisons, jails and juvenile detention centers across the country.